The Accurate Air Difference

At Accurate Air, we know that all HVAC contractors are not alike.  Accurate Air believes the following sets it apart from the competition:

  • The breadth of variety in our client base had enabled us to apply proven solutions to difficult HVAC applications and has provided our employees with the broad expertise required to service our client’s diverse equipment types.
  • We can respond to emergencies virtually immediately
  • We continue to drive efficiency into every corner of our non-union company in order to provide our customers with a price/value ratio that others can only dream of matching.
  • We combine sensible preventive maintenance programs  with excellent service to ensure minimal downtime and maximum comfort and reliability.

If you have a tough project or are simply looking for cost-effective alternatives to established plans, let us provide a quote.


Depending upon the type of work and equipment, Accurate Air and its suppliers provide the following parts, labor, material, and equipment guarantees:

For maintenance and repair labor, Accurate Air guarantees its work for 30 days.

For installation and replacement of equipment, Accurate Air provides a 1 year, limited warranty on any defects in its workmanship.

All materials, parts and equipment are warranted by the manufacturer or supplier’s written warranty.

Accurate Air makes no other warranties, express or implied, and its agents or technicians are not authorized to make any such warranties on behalf of Accurate Air.


Accurate Air offers a number of financing options for the installation or replacement of equipment, even some large repairs.

Ask any of our Systems Consultants for more information and options, such as no interest and ?????


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