Bonanno Project

Smoke Rise in Kinnelon, NJ, is one of America’s most prestigious club communities.  Each of the 900 homes is unique and sits on at least two acres of property. This lake community offers a white sand beach, stables, tennis, and most other club sports in a serene and bucolic enclave, less than an hour’s drive from New York City.

When Mr. and Mrs. Bonanno decided to add cooling to the first floor of their home, they turned to two close friends in the community for a recommendation for a company with the skilled tradesmen to properly air condition their unique home.

“From the moment we met Michael (systems consultant) and Andy (lead installation manager) from Accurate Air, we knew we had the right people to entrust with such an important project”, said Maria Bonanno.  “And they exceeded our expectations. “

Instead of unsightly grills and ductwork, Andy came up with a clever idea to return air to the system (a very inflexible requirement of an air conditioning system) that cannot be seen, even with a discerning eye.  The architectural integrity of the home was preserved.

When the Bonanno’s chose floor diffusers to disperse the air from the system throughout the first floor, Accurate Air encountered a tile floor that was hidden beneath the existing tile floor. This made the installation that much more difficult.  Accurate Air was undeterred – we were able to call upon our expertise in other trades to easily overcome the obstacle.

“We couldn’t be more pleased”, said Mr. Bonanno.  You cannot hear the air traversing the ductwork as you do in many people’s homes.  Accurate Air’s craftsmanship was impeccable.”

The Bonanno’s letter to Accurate Air

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